Is The Coming Nasty Weather Going To Catch You Unprepared?

Is The Coming Nasty Weather Going To Catch You Unprepared?

Soon, there are going to be typhoons, tornadoes, floods, lengthy snow storms, extreme winds and all kinds of natural weather destruction! Are you going to be ready when it happens? Will you know when it's coming when there is no TV weatherman or computer to help you out?

Think about something like this occuring: You're at work and your wife is also at work across town. Both of your children are at school. Each is in a different school several miles apart. You're at your desk or on the job somewhere and suddenly, without warning black clouds appear in the sky, in the distance but obviously moving toward you. Within minutes the sun is blocked out and heavy dark grey and black clouds are overhead.

Tremendous gusts of high speed wind blow against your office windows and thunder and lightning begin to occur around you like a bad dream. There is no light to be seen outside. Visibility is lessening and there is no visible horizon. You run to the TV and discover only white snow on all cable channels. They didn't mention anything about inclement weather when you were watching them before work this morning. You can feel a panic in your gut beginning to present itself.

You run over to your office computer and try to get to the Weather Channel. Your online service is completely out and you cannot get anything. Lightning must have hit the local towers. Oh no! The phone!!

You're starting to panic a bit. You pick up your cell phone and try to call your wife, across town at work. There's no connection. The bad thing is that the school that one of your kids attends appears to be getting hit by this storm right now.

In the distance, you can see the dark grey and black clouds indicating heavy rainfall and it may mean hail as well. All around you there is panic and your co-workers are starting to fly out the door toward their cars, some to go home, others to try and rescue their families.They're in great panic!

You too are feeling more and more panic. You've got to find out what's going on. Why didn't they mention this possibility on the weather on TV before you left for work this morning? This is serious!

Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to most of us at some time in our lives.

Natural phenomena such as this is often unpredictable to some but very predictable to others who know how to forecast it. It seems like even the weather professionals get confused sometimes. There is a better way for you to be prepare though.

When (not if) this happens, you could very possibly know about beforehand. By knowing what to look for and having the right equipment, you might very likely be able to avoid being unprepared for storms like this.

It's possible that you may know a local "weather bug." If you do, you may have noticed his or her weather equipment in their backyard or somewhere at their house. It's quite possible that this person or persons actually knew that this storm was coming. How is that possible if the TV guys and others didn't know about it? Well, these local weather hobbiests or "weather afficianados" study weather and weather patterns and use their own weather instruments, along with data from the NWS and often decipher these patterns better than the TV weather folks do and often quite accurately.

Weather bugs make the local weather a major part of their lives. They live for it and enjoy forecasting to the hilt. It's like a game for them. They start out not knowing squat about forecasting and, in a few years, they're outforecasting the pros. It's not unusual because they make it an essential part of their lives. They can often tell you what the weather is going to do in their neighborhood 8 to 10 hours in advance. They are prepared for inclement weather. You know the type. They seem to be obsessed, but they just love it.

They include such weather instruments in their arsenal as atomic clocks (yes, it's a weather instrument), barometers, anemometers and pscychrometers. They certainly employ the basic, old-school tools too like rain gauges, compasses, wind direction and speed indicators and thermometers.

Could you have known about this incredibly heavy storm if you had your own home weather station? Quite possibly. You would have known that the atmospheric conditions were favorable for a storm of these proportions before you left for work this morning, even if all the local weather guys were saying it was just going to rain.

You'd be able to put it all together with NWS data and weather maps and could possibly seen what was coming. You could even have your equipment send you a warning if certain conditions were present. Then you could have called your family and warned them before the phones went out, the cable crashed and the television station was hit by lightning. You could have also warned your neighbors and your co-workers and saved them a lot of trouble and fear.

Does this all sound a little dramatic? It is but it is also very